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Yes, Everybody can dive!


  • The diving experience is splendid
  • Get your first diving experience in Side
  • Come on join us to see amazing underwater nature
  • Do not miss it!

Full description

Side Diving Club Scuba Diving in the crystal clear waters of Turkey’s Mediterranean
Is Dive fun?
Yes very much. Each dive may not be an excellent underwater adventure, but once you do it is difficult to leave. Scuba diving is a life-changing experience. It’s a great place to share your experiences among your friends like hobbies, talk about experiences, equipment and dives, or learn new things.

Go for diving, experience it and enjoy every moment. Remember, because a large part of the world is underwater.

Those who will meet Scuba Diving for the first time!
Yes, it is possible that you can dive with experienced instructors even if you have no previous experience and it is not a dangerous activity. You will receive brief information before diving. The first dive with one-to-one experienced divers will make you enjoy the underwater.

Haven’t you met the amazing underwater world yet?

We can help you for your first Scuba Diving experience in the crystal clear waters of Turkey’s Mediterranean in Side. We are sure that it will be magnificent to see colorful fishes and spectacular coral reef at dive sites around ancient village Side as well as enjoy the services of professional diving guides with training for beginners.

We offer this full-day excursion in the waters of Side in order to provide excellent opportunities for beginners and seasoned divers alike. Join to us to become more aware of scuba diving as a wonderful way to get unforgettable impressions.

Turkey is a perfect area for your first underwater breath as it boasts by warm and clean water. There are no any dangerous animals and the experienced instructors will be attentive to your needs.

The laws regulating underwater activities are very strict in Turkey and all these details ensure high levels of safety and service.

The most basic safety principles for diving are taught at the beginning of each system’s training program and they all say the same thing: Never hold your breath, never exceed the limits of your training, do not dive alone, respect the speed of the dive, follow the safety precautions strictly, and respect and love everything under water.

What’s included

  • Transfer from / to Hotel
  • Equipments for Diving
  • Training for beginners
  • 2 dives max 35-40 minutes each
  • Lunch
  • Guiding

What’s Not included

  • Extra drinks and personal expenses
  • Photos & Videos

Don’t Forget !

Non-divers! Sun-seekers and snorkelers are welcome on board. A spacious sun deck is all yours! Swim at your ease, and use our complementary masks and fins for snorkeling. Who knows, maybe you’ll be tempted to give scuba diving a try on your next day out!
international rule: under 14 years old can not dive.

The diving can not be done at every sea but at some suitable places only and at the sites which are permitted by authorities. Diving site can be changed without prior notice.

For some beginners the duration might be shorter than 40 minutes.

The Basic level swimming skills are required for Scuba Diving.

Please bring towel and extra clothes to change.

Pickup Times

Gündoğdu Hotels: 08:00
Çolaklı Hotels: 08:10
Evrenseki Hotels: 08:20
Kumköy Hotels: 08:30
Side Hotels: 08:40-08:45
Sorgun Hotels: 08:50
Titreyengöl Hotels: 09:00

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