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Boat Parade Land of Legends, Legendary night show and feast

Legendary characters await you in the Land of Legends Boat Parade. An amazing and spectacular professional show!

Land of Legends isn’t just a theme park, it’s an amazing living space with a stunning outdoor mall. Here, you can shop around 150 stores, have a great dinner and watch a magnificent night feast. You can be sure that you will have a pleasant time with Boat Parade. The show of interesting heroes will be appreciated by both you and your children!

The Land of Legends Theme Park continues to offer surprises in the evening with a musical boat festival and an extraordinary theatrical show along the canal on Shopping Avenue.

Attention : We are only picked up from the Antalya Kızılağaç Titreyengöl Sorgun Cennterler Side Kumköy Evrenseki Çolaklı Gündoğdu.

Kızılağaç : 18:00
Titreyengöl : 18:20
Cennterler : 18:30
Side : 18:40-18:45
Kumköy : 18:50
Evrenseki : 19:00
Çolaklı : 19:10
Gündoğdu : 19:20

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