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What about spend a magical day in one of the biggest aquariums in the world? This is possible from Side and This is very easy! We can help you visit the Antalya Aquarium where you can enjoy amazing adventures inspired by many places arround the world.


  • One of biggest Aquariums in the World
  • Experience the magical underwater world
  • Inspires, entertains and educates; all in one!
  • Thousands of species
  • Tens of thousands of amazing underwater creatures

Full description

Antalya Aquarium: Daily tour to the World biggest tunnel Aquarium from Side
With visiting the 1 place only you will see all the fishes and sea creatures of the world! Join us!

About Antalya Aquarium:

»The place, which is expressed as the world of snow, is one of the places where the most entertaining snow activities of our country are organized with 1500 m2 closed area.

»In this complex, iglolar, saint nicola’s house and cafes are located.

»In Antalya, which has a warm climate, while the outside of the snow world reaches up to 40 degrees, the indoor environment is at -5 degrees.

»The wild park in the Antalya aquarium complex is a special design that reflects the atmosphere of caves and deserts and tropical forests.

»The most striking feature is to reflect the sound effects to the visitors while traveling in this unique atmosphere. Sound effects are sometimes seen as a sound of rain, sometimes as a sound of stones, sometimes as monkeys, sometimes as birds, or as wind sounds.


Are you ready for one of the biggest Aquariums in the World? In Antalya aquarium you will meet all the fishes and sea creaters of the world. You will love it.


The strength of colors and the living of one thousand creatures in harmony with each other is fascinating. This giant Aquarium, consisting of 40 themes, is also very important in terms of teaching us the living creatures that live in the sea, underwater structure and history. The submarine themes in the aquarium were designed by the famous Italian sculptor Benedetti, who was actually a brain surgeon, but devoted to aquarium interior design.


Experience the magic of the underwater world and take a part in different activities in Side. At he Aquarium Visit snow world and make snowballs from real snow. And get a chance to Swim with sharks and rays that do not pose any danger! This sounds great, isnt it?


One of the largest aquariums in the world, the Antalya Aquarium inspires, entertains and educates; all in one!


It is home to thousands of species, and tens of thousands of amazing underwater creatures! You will be surprised how many of them live under the water! This is the wonderful chance to become more aware of some creatures that you have never seen before! All in one, Do not miss it!


The decoration of the aquarium’s main tank was created by the famous Italian sculptor Benedetti. It incorporates life-sized plane, ship, and submarine wrecks, and is the biggest coral reef decoration in the world. The person made a lot of efforts to create this masterpiece where you can distract from daily routine and relax soul!


Travel along a path of over 40 exhibits, followed by the world’s largest underwater tunnel aquarium that’s 131 meters long and 3 meters high! May be it is easy to imagine how it looks, but we assure – the reality there will exceed all your expectations!


A visit to the Antalya aquarium is a terrific way to spend a day out in Antalya with the family. Give them unforgettable impressions that will excite their mind for a long time. We do not doubt – you will want to come back there again!

All in one, Do not miss it!

What’s included

  • Transfers from / to hotel
  • Entrance ticket for Aquarium
  • Antalya 2 Hours Free Time

What’s Not included

  • Lunch & Drinks
  • Extras at the aquarium
  • Snowland & swimming with sharks
  • Kurşunlu Waterfall

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