Swim with Dolphin Experience in Dolphinpark.

Swimming with Dolphins in Dolphinarium.

Aksu Dolphinarium is pleased to welcome our guests back to paradise.

We have modified our swimming experience with Dolphin.

This attraction is the number 1 attraction of your kids and also yours.

Get nose to bottlenose with a new friend that will live in your heart forever when you experience the highlight of your day, a one-on-one dolphin encounter.

A one-on-one swimming attraction with bottlenode dolphins is unique because you don’t share your best friend dolphin with others.

You spend your swimming time with dolphin alone.

You don’t wait your turn for swimming,kissing,hugging and feeding your dolphin.Because all that time it is just yours.

Get ready to become one of the pod at the best place to swim with dolphins, Dolphinarium in Antalya, Turkey ! Once you arrive, you’ll receive a time for your interaction with our dolphins leaving the rest of your visit to simply enjoy your day in paradise.

The dolphin swim experience begins with your meeting a dolphin in one of our crystal clear swimming areas.

Next, one of our animal care specialists will teach you all about dolphin habits, behaviors, their incredible communication abilities, and the relationships they build on a daily basis with these incredible dolphins.

After that, each member will get a chance to individually interact with a dolphin and learn about that dolphin’s personality through behaviors.

No need to know swimming for swimming with a dolphin.

A life jacket will be given for free and your dolphin will help you for your swimming with him.


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